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Abba Boutique Inn

Feel at Home When You're Away


Free High Speed WiFi

Free Street Parking

12 minute drive to Airport

Located in the Heart of St John's

Why book with us

  • Minutes away from all the major attractions

  • Spacious and charming rooms

  • Very reasonable prices

  • People say the nicest things…

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Nestled safely on elegant Queen's Road, in well-lit area, Abba is basically a semi-detached upscale medieval style London (U.K.) townhouse, built for the established upper entrepreneurial class. Bedrooms are spacious. Our smallest? Our entry level front room just over 200 sq. ft. Each bedroom includes desk and chair, upholstered chairs and/or sofas.


There are no elevators. This home was built to maximize every inch of its building lot. Entry is by a wide brick staircase, a four-foot climb from the sidewalk. The property is not suitable for anybody having difficulty with staircases.


Guests have access to a mini-refrigerator, microwave, cutlery, cups, and plates. 

Just behind, on Military Road, is the Hungry Heart Cafe which has professional cooks who can cater to every dietary restriction or below, on Duckworth Street, Newfoundland's foremost breakfast house "The Bagel Cafe".


Adjoining properties are less than ten feet away so there are no views from our quieter back bedrooms. Front bedrooms have scenic views through large double sealed windows, but downtown traffic is downtown traffic.


We have two full time live-in caretakers, they may not be accessible 24/7. If you need assistance with luggage,please email us in advance with your expected time of arrival.


Assistance with tourism information and itineraries? That is best left to seasoned Government professionals on hand 24/7 in both official languages at 1-800-563-3959.


We are within a 5 to 15-minute walk of: all downtown hotels; restaurants: harbor: East Coast Trail; Mile One Convention Center; George Street; Colonial Building; Commissariat House; Government House; St. Thomas's Church; Presentation Convent; The Basilica; Rooms Complex; and, supermarket/drug store/liquor store.


There has never been a situation, in 30 years, where there was not open parking within a few minutes walking radius of the property. The entire top end of Queen's Road would fit into a conventional Holiday Inn parking lot. Everybody can't park in front of the property. It is a narrow townhouse. A detailed parking map is visible online and a hard copy is at the back of every guest entry sheet.


People say the nicest things… 


"Surprise find. Big comfortable rooms. Great lighting"

 Eric F



"Excellent location - everything seemed great to me."


David B

"Great place to stay at with very reasonable price"

Mohammed Alangari

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